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Andre' Lamont Smith III (AL3) Leadership Fellowship

"As a member of the #TRITribe, I'm learning how to chase my dreams and be a leader in my community. I'm excited about discovering new things, learning more about our history and socializing with my friends in the AL3 Leadership Fellowship."

-Brandon Littleton (7th Grade)

Andre's memory will not be lost in a headline...

Andre' Lamont Smith III is the younger cousin of TRI Founder, Tanesha Peeples. His life was tragically cut short due to gun violence in August, 2022.


Like many teens, Andre' wasn't "perfect" but, he was gifted. An honor student at Urban Prep Academies in Chicago, Andre' developed a great interest in learning about African American history. Before his passing, Andre' approached his Africana Studies instructor and asked him to "keep telling the truth". He was excited about exploring his lineage and at the age of 16, was journeying into his excellence.

This fellowship is in honor, power and loving memory of Andre'. It's for young people like him who will create their own ethos of excellence instead of subscribing to the world's standards of perfection. And it's for Black youth leaders that seek to know the truth.

What Goes Down In The AL3 Fellowship

Our flagship program, the AL3 Leadership Fellowship, is for Black youth who have a passion and interest in developing initiatives rooted in civic and social change.  We support them in enhancing their leadership skills, specifically honing in on wellness and healing, who they are, their “why” and “how” to effect change. 


During their nine month journey, fellows explore and analyze historical, liberatory movements, connect them to current lived experience, and apply their genius to ideate and prototype strategies that create a foundation for thriving, self-determined communities. 

Leaders ages 11-15 participate in workshops, labs and activities stemming from the following principles:

Cultural Identity Restoration

Social & Emotional Wellness

Building Collective Responsibility & Power


Our Fellowship Outcomes

Fellows will undergo a journey of self-discovery, gaining increased awareness of their cultural and individual identities. This exploration fosters a sense of belonging and self-understanding.

The AL3 Leadership Fellowship emphasizes the importance of community connectedness. Fellows will strengthen their ties to their communities, recognizing the collective power and impact of united efforts.

Recognizing the importance of emotional well-being, resilience and personal growth, fellows will develop stronger abilities to manage trauma and navigate a range of emotions. 

Through the exploration and analysis of historical and current social movements, fellows will sharpen their critical consciousness. This heightened awareness is foundational for informed and intentional civic engagement.

Fellows will have the opportunity to implement Community Impact Projects (CIPs) designed by themselves. This hands-on experience allows them to address and mitigate issues of inequity, inequality and injustice, contributing significantly to the broader landscape of social and civic change.

To support their educational journey, fellows will gain increased access to learning resources and academic opportunities. This access extends to mentorship and internship avenues through our Continuing Leadership Pipeline.

Fellows will be exposed to environments beyond their daily interactions. This exposure broadens their perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse world around them.

For additional information or to learn how to apply for our fellowship, please contact us!

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