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TRI Summer Liberation Lab

The Roots Initiative Summer Liberation Lab is where genius clashes with liberatory design to create a reality where we all thrive. It's designed to honor the voices, brilliance and power of Black youth through supporting them in breathing life into their visions for liberated communities. 

During the six week lab, leaders ages 11 - 14 years old will participate in fun activities and conversations that allow them to learn and apply the concepts of liberatory design to come up with solutions to racial and social justice issues. Additionally, youth will be challenged in unlearning internal beliefs and external limitations that undermine the process of dreaming big and out loud

All of this magic will manifest in the form of youth-designed micro-projects where they'll present their solutions to various community leaders.


By the end of the Summer Liberation Lab, young leaders will have learned:

  • Research, analysis, problem-solving, design and project management and; 

  • Teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and collective work and responsibility;

  • The importance and impact of youth-driven, transformative change.


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