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TRI Freedom Fridays

It's been said that there are three types of freedom.
The first kind is “freedom from”, which is a freedom from the constraints of society. Next there's the “freedom to”  do what we want to do. Last there's the “freedom to be” which encourages individuality, safety, diversity and authenticity.
With TRI Freedom Fridays, we strive to build spaces and outlets that allow our young people to be expressive, creative, discover community and most importantly, have fun and be free. Our "pop-ups" and "pop-outs" are collaborative partnerships with local schools and organizations to host activities that not only promote all of the abovementioned freedoms but also foster learning, encourage wellness and instill hope. Above all, we solicit the feedback and participation of youth to plan Freedom Fridays because we are adamant about meeting their needs in the moment. 
Sounds fun and free, right?! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to learn about TRI Freedom Friday pop-ups and pop-outs throughout the school year!


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